Specialty class #2- The Ball Class


Birthing ball + yoga = a great prenatal class!! Specialty class #2- In the ball class the expectant moms are encouraged to use the ball throughout their pregnancy to help their body feel good transitioning through the trimesters. They learn various comfort positions to use during labour, positions that encourage the baby to get in…

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Speciality class #1 The Strap class


My passion is helping expectant woman feel good through prenatal yoga! There are few speciality prenatal classes that I have created that I am super proud of and am going to share over the next few weeks! #1 the strap class- the purpose of the strap class is to really stretch out those pregnant legs!!…

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Summer Time – Fun Time!


Hello Everyone! Summer is just around the corner and I ‘d like to wish everyone a safe and fun-filled summer!! The end of the summer session marks one full cycle on my own at Between Mothers. It’s been an incredible journey, I’ve learned so much, I’ve shocked myself and others (I think) that Wow!- I…

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10 Ways to beat the Winter Blues


We are so happy with the way the new studio turned out! “It is my favourite place to be on the those gloomy days:) My new ‘Happy Place’!” If you feel like you haven’t seen the sun in a very long time, you’re not wrong. The average amount of sunlight in January is 86 hours.…

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Happy New Year!


What an exciting end to 2016, but it’s only the beginning for Between Mothers as we move into our brand new studio! We have officially opened registration for the first session of the new year, and I am excited to announce that, in addition to our current schedule, we have added a Saturday morning prenatal…

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What is Mom & Baby Yoga?

happy mother and baby making healthy fitness exercises

Initially, Mom and Baby Yoga is that first step; getting out of the house and doing something unique with your baby! What a refreshing experience; an ‘AHA’ moment when you look around the room and all the other Moms are tired too, have the same questions and concerns, all share their stories, get genuine answers,…

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It’s Between Mothers

Pregnant woman loving her unborn baby

I’m pregnant! Now what? It’s that feeling somewhere between excitement and ‘holy crap’! Although we have the support of our family and friends, sometimes we still get the feeling that we’re going through this on our own, right? No one can understand how I feel, because they are not going through what I am going…

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