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SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER AND UPCOMING CLASSES & WORKSHOPS Between Mothers purpose is to empower women to achieve the best pregnancy and birth experience possible.

Seeing women evolve from being fearful and uncertain to confident and empowered. Knowing they can face the challenge of labour with the tools I have taught them warms my heart.

I have always been fascinated with the pregnant woman’s body, and to combine that with my passion for yoga makes it a perfect union.

Women need to feel supported during this vulnerable time.

My clients benefit from being part of our community as well as from my experience as a nurse, doula, massage therapist, yoga instructor, mother, and woman. They learn how to support their body through the common discomforts of pregnancy through yoga and education and learn tools to help with labour and delivery as well as gain access to education and other resources.

Many develop friendships that last beyond the classes, a forum to openly express thoughts and fears, ultimately raise each other up!

My unique prenatal yoga program constantly evolves from the tools I see women using birth after birth, and from the exceptional birth stories they share with me.

Namaste: the light in me honours the light in you AND the light growing within you!“