What is Mom & Baby Yoga?

happy mother and baby making healthy fitness exercises

Initially, Mom and Baby Yoga is that first step; getting out of the house and doing something unique with your baby! What a refreshing experience; an ‘AHA’ moment when you look around the room and all the other Moms are tired too, have the same questions and concerns, all share their stories, get genuine answers, and truly know they’re not alone in their transition into Motherhood.

Then physically, the new Mom reconnects with her body, gaining strength, flexibility, re-toning her pelvic floor (that first downward dog without a pregnant belly feels SO GOOD!), finding she can touch her toes again (WOOHOO!), feeling stronger and more confident each week, and more like her old self!

The babies get to meet other babies for the first time. With help from Mommy, they explore their own bodies, learning exercises that help with their neuromuscular development and the achievement of milestones. I clap and cheer with excitement when a ‘first’ happens in class! This is where I get my ‘baby fix’! Let’s not forget the fun stuff; singing common nursery rhymes while doing yoga poses altogether! I am not a great singer (just ask my family!), but the babies think I am, and we all love it! This is where the hard workout for Mom and lots of baby giggles and crazy legs unite!

Just as Mom is getting in the groove of this ‘new life’, something magical happens; not only bonding with your own baby, but with other Moms. Friendships and sisterhoods develop, lasting long past the mat. I have seen this over and over in the 14 years I have been teaching. As a matter of fact, my daughter Kali and I have best friends that we met in Mom and Baby Yoga, and that was 11 years ago! This is where you ‘find your tribe’!

Enjoy your journey!


Testimonial Deanna WyattThe bond between a new babe and mom is a beautiful thing; the way a babe depends on its mother goes beyond nourishment and the day to day challenges we face. This bond was extremely important for me as a first time mom to have and perfect. That sounds funny now thinking back that my babe and I wouldn’t bond, but it did go through my mind. I felt that I started this bonding process when I first found out I was pregnant, then embraced my body changing through prenatal yoga, to the actual birth. I wanted another way after the birth to bond with my little man then the usual, so I decided that Babe and Mom yoga was something I would be interested in.

I took Angela’s prenatal classes and absolutely loved them so I knew that taking these classes would yield the same result. I was so right! Babe and Mom yoga allows me to bond with my little man in ways I never thought possible; through side by side yoga, stretching, songs and finally ending each class with shavasana. These classes are full of peace, relaxation and also the chance to talk with other moms going through the same obstacles. It’s also a place to feel safe with questions and concerns about your Babe. Definitely a must do on your list! Thank you Angela for providing the opportunity to complete my yoga journey with my son Wyatt!
— Deanna and Wyatt