10 Ways to beat the Winter Blues


We are so happy with the way the new studio turned out!

“It is my favourite place to be on the those gloomy days:) My new ‘Happy Place’!”

If you feel like you haven’t seen the sun in a very long time, you’re not wrong.

The average amount of sunlight in January is 86 hours. However, this January, we only enjoyed a short 12 hours of sunlight.

Sunlight increases serotonin levels which in turn may make you happier. Sunlight is effective at improving happiness levels, so if you’re energy has been a little low these last weeks… be kind with yourself, you’re not alone!

The milder temperatures we’ve been experiencing this winter, are in fact the cause of this lack of sunlight. So while we’re missing the sunshine, there is always a silver lining to look for!

And as much as it might feel like this winter will never end, we’re only 5 short weeks away from Spring Equinox! Soon, the fresh breath of spring will sweep away the cobwebs acquired from the absence of light! The light will increase as Nature begins to emerge in all of her beautiful forms.

Until then, we’ve put together a list of 10 activities and rituals to elevate your energy, mood and self-compassion!

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So there, you have it! 10 ways to beat the winter blues. Let your happiness and positivity soar by including at least one of these activities/rituals in your daily routine (hopefully one of them will be YOGA! – check out our complete March-April roster here!)

We’d love to hear from you and see you at “my Happy Place”!

Let us know what your daily routine includes and it’s effect on your happiness and positivity!