Another Happy Mama – Back for Round #2!


From my very first prenatal yoga class with Angela, I knew I had found the perfect addition to my pregnancy journey. Entering a studio filled with women you don’t know to perform yoga with a growing belly you are trying to navigate can be a truly daunting feeling. However, Angela makes everyone feel welcomed and…

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Congratulations, you are pregnant! Now what?


Step 1 – Find a healthcare provider  (midwife or O.B.) that best suits your needs and birth wishes. Step 2- Join Between Mothers prenatal yoga classes with Angela Sacco! This class is so much more than just yoga! Angela will help you get ready for the birth of your baby, arming you with necessary skills and…

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Calm the Chaos


Fall is in the air – finally! I love all the ‘feels’ of Fall! The cool crisp, clean air; the smell of the ruby coloured leaves bustling with each step… pumpkin spice lattes! Even though it feels as Fall has just begun, we are quickly entering the twilight zone of ‘the holidays!’ As we all…

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6 Dates a Day → Recipe inside


For all those who have attended my prenatal yoga classes and/or prenatal education for couples workshop, you are likely familiar with the many practices we discuss to help achieve the best pregnancy and labour experience possible. For all those new “mamas-to-be” out there, I’m going to share one of our labour success tips! DATES! According to many…

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Time to Give Thanks


Time to Give Thanks! With so much craziness in the world right now, I feel I have so much to be thankful for. I am thankful for feeling safe where I live… I am thankful for my loving and supportive family…. I am thankful for a job that lifts me up and keeps me full……

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Between Mothers’ birthday!


Hello, family, friends, and clients! I love September! Not only is it my birthday month, but now it is also the anniversary of the birth of Between Mothers! Check out some of our highlights in the video below — sound on 😉 I get excited and emotional at this time of year, sometimes even more…

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Specialty class #4 – Full Moon Class


Embracing the full moon 🌝 Specialty class #4 The full moon is time of positive opportunity- like maybe having a baby!! You must be in a calm state of mind to reap the full benefits of this powerful energy. What better way to do that than through yoga! We try to harness this magnificent energy…

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Specialty Class #3 – The Wall Class


So much to learn, so much to do, so much more than just yoga! Specialty Class #3 Moving the girls to the wall and using the wall as a prop teaches them 2 other squatting options. Feet up the wall helps with swelling. Should their babies be breech or transverse this allows them to safely…

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Specialty class #2- The Ball Class


Birthing ball + yoga = a great prenatal class!! Specialty class #2- In the ball class the expectant moms are encouraged to use the ball throughout their pregnancy to help their body feel good transitioning through the trimesters. They learn various comfort positions to use during labour, positions that encourage the baby to get in…

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Speciality class #1 The Strap class


My passion is helping expectant woman feel good through prenatal yoga! There are few speciality prenatal classes that I have created that I am super proud of and am going to share over the next few weeks! #1 the strap class- the purpose of the strap class is to really stretch out those pregnant legs!!…

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