Between Mothers’ birthday!


Hello, family, friends, and clients!
I love September! Not only is it my birthday month, but now it is also the anniversary of the birth of Between Mothers!

Check out some of our highlights in the video below — sound on 😉

I get excited and emotional at this time of year, sometimes even more than the actual turn of the New Year. Summer is winding down but Fall brings changes and so many new beginnings, from the calendar and weather to smells and feels!

“It is the Summer’s great last heat.
It is the Falls’s first chill: They Meet”
– Sarah Morgan Bryan Piatt

I may be aging and that’s totally okay; I am exactly where I need to be. I don’t get up every day to go to work; I get up to fulfill my passion! For me Between Mothers is young and just getting started!

September will bring new faces, new classes and times (see full schedule here) — something for everyone! (not just babies and bumps)

I want to welcome every new fresh face coming this September and I especially want to thank everyone who put their faith in me and joined me this past year making Between Mothers a success!!

Put Between Mothers in your Fall calendar!

☀️ more inner peace and calm
☀️ more milestones
☀️ more amazing birth stories

“We had a wonderfully amazing home birth!! Thank you so much for all your support and guidance, you gave me a confidence in myself and the birth process I never dreamed of!”
– Heather

Enjoy your journey!

With light and Love,