Another Happy Mama – Back for Round #2!


From my very first prenatal yoga class with Angela, I knew I had found the perfect
addition to my pregnancy journey.

Entering a studio filled with women you don’t know to perform yoga with a growing
belly you are trying to navigate can be a truly daunting feeling. However, Angela
makes everyone feel welcomed and appreciated, regardless of their level of practice or
how many weeks along they are. From her kind spirit and wealth of knowledge in all
things pregnancy, birth, and babies, I feel myself become more and more empowered
with each class.

The time we spend going around the room sharing a bit about ourselves and any
concerns, fears, or advice we may have, has become my favourite part of each week,
and I feel so thankful to have this community of warrior mamas and mamas-to-be to
share my experience with.

Learning how to calm our bodies through visualization and spoken cues, utilizing
sound (om and vowel toning) as a way to cope with pain, and even the practice of
pushing, prenatal yoga is so much more than the posing and breathing I was used to
in the past. I wish someone could have taken a picture of the expression on my face
the very first time Angela had us practice our pushing; I definitely had legitimate fears
I was going to push that baby right out of me in the middle of the studio. Little did I
know this skill would come back to me as I birthed my first child with six strong,
controlled pushes — my midwives even commented that I was such a great pusher for
a first-time mama, and I told them it was all thanks to prenatal yoga!

Now as I enter the third trimester of my second pregnancy I am enjoying and
cherishing all the familiar feelings of my weekly prenatal yoga classes. I feel even more
prepared for the experience of giving birth, and I can never thank Angela enough for
being the yogi guardian angel I didn’t know I needed.
Namaste to the mama’s, Namaste to the babies!

Amanda Cowley